Our Employee's Articles:-

1."Manohar Lal Jewellers" - A jewel place to work                                                                                                                                                                                             - An article by Shreyashi Roy ; Diamond Jewellery Designer & QC Controller

Manohar Lal Jewellers, my very first step to the world of career...call it my astro-luck or the blessings of my soul-stars, I started my journey with such a company which not only sells certified diamond jewellery and hallmarked gold jewellery but also has diamond hearted people who make the company the best jewellery showroom in Delhi.

Being the best not only means in terms of selling the best but also being as pure as a 24kt. gold coin, as precious as diamond solitaire, as excellent as a triple excellent cut diamond and as colorful as a rainbow jewellery.

The belief this company has in it's values and ethics make it 100% transparent towards our customers protecting them just as a pearl in an oyster. This company believes in preserving it's valuable customers just like rare and spotless diamonds, considering them as not just a customer but a gem and jewel for this organization.

Well being part of the diamond production department, I have seen a jewellery transforming from just being a jewellery piece to an occasion or a moment to remember, experiencing those moments where sometimes there is an urgency of delivering someone's engagement/weeding jewellery on time, knowing how precious that moment is going to be for those valuable customers.

I understood and recognized that how a simple raw material gets turned into a valuable jewellery which is 100% hallmarked and IGI certified.

Also living the creative pressure of serving the unlimited unique designs of gold and diamond jewellery collection, in range of platinum jewellery, diamond jewellery, royal jewellery, etc.

Sometimes it is very thrilling to leave your seat and be part of the one to one interaction process with our valuable customers. Even we the back office team gets an opportunity to have such experience during the festival occasions like akshay tritya, dhanteras, etc. Standing there it makes me realize that how difficult it is for our sales team to absorb customer's sentiments and emotions related to the anxiety of buying the jewellery of their choice and expectations of being served with that.

We not only have lifelong guaranteed jewellery but we also provide with lifelong support and faith with our various latest offers on jewellery and buy back policies to our customers. Thereby I feel that we are not only an established jeweller but also the best jewellery showroom in South Delhi and East Delhi, trying our hands very successfully with our west Delhi showroom. If people say we sell the most expensive jewellery than we proudly correct them that we sell most valuable Jewellery. Afterall our MOTO is to provide Beauty and Purity with Security.

2."Manohar Lal Jewellers" - Best Place to Work & Best Place to Learn                                                                                                                                                             -An article by Richa Ralhan; H.R. Executive

Jewellery is a woman’s best friend. If we say so, it may not be wrong. A jewel is a crown for a woman’s beauty. Whether it is a gold or a diamond jewellery or platinum bands, jewellery may just never be out of fashion. Whether we look at the era of Ramayana or Mahabharata or British reign or the current 21st century, jewellery has always been a part of each culture imbibing each era’s significance.

Gems and Jewellery industry has always been pre-dominantly owned by family owned business players. However, in the current era, with the advent of global players participating in this industry, the traditional family owned businesses have now moved towards a more professional systematic way of operating. However, some key organizations dwelling in gems and jewellery industry have retained their culture along with adopting the systematic approach.

Joining One such key organization, Manoharlal Sarraf and Sons Jewellers Pvt. Ltd [owning showrooms in South Delhi, East Delhi and West Delhi along with Noida by the name of Manohar Lal Jewellers (MLJ) ] into the HR team is, by far a most thoughtful decision I have ever made. Having no background in retail sector or any knowledge about gems and jewellery industry, being a part of MLJ is one of the experience of its kind. Manohar Lal Sarraf and Sons Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. has an impressive 85-year old history of retail sales in gold and diamond jewellery.

From general administration to being a part of training and development, the journey has been dynamic.

It has always been a learning experience for me from understanding the basics of gems and jewellery industry including diverse topics such as hallmarked Gold Jewellery, certified diamond Jewellery, color stones, wedding jewellery, gold coins etc. to detailing of intricacies of various gold designs, diamond designs, 22k ginni etc.

Being always on the buying side of the counter, I was never able to understand as how much effort goes into serving and satisfying the customer with the jewellery of his/her choice. The hard work put-in by the sales people, the promotional efforts put-in by the marketing team, the employee support by the HR team and most of all the guidance and mentorship of the management – all constitute together to serve the customer with that one piece of jewellery that crowns their defining future moment which can be engagement, anniversary, birthday or wedding of two soulmates.

However, luckily enough, my organization provided me with an opportunity to experience the other side of the counter, the side which serves the customer during festive occasions like Dhanteras and Aksha Tritiya and it gives immense satisfaction to see the level of dedication the sales people put in, in order to provide the best product to the valued customer.

Training and development has always been given importance by the management and therefore the culture of learning has been imbibed in the overall operations of the organization. During training sessions, I learned product related technicalities that our organization deals in including GIA certified diamond solitaire, IGI certified diamond jewellery, 24k gold coins,pearl jewellery, astrology gems, temple jewellery, platinum jewellery etc. It also made me realize how we provide the best quality of jewellery to our customers in terms of triple excellent cut diamonds, rare white and spotless diamond, royal collection, exclusive jewellery design range in men’s and women’s jewellery, life long guarantee jewellery, and even certified birth stones. The level of knowledge provided to the customers, the 100% transparency in pricing, the latest jewellery, providing the best gold designs and the best diamond designs, providing low cost high quality jewellery to be served as anniversary gifts, valentine gifts to the loved ones, providing latest offer (like heera Sona offer on Diwali) on jewellery, 100% buy back of hallmarked gold jewellery; all these, no doubt, makes Manohar

Lal Jeweller’s product as the most expensive jewellery fulfilling the customer’s desire of getting the best jewellery in its industry.

Been sharing a similar platform with the marketing team, I also got the opportunity to witness the emergence of creative and innovative products like our Rainbow collection, Astroluck Collection, Platilove - symbolizing premium Platinum Jewellery, and Soulstar collection that are sure to provide a priceless experience to our esteemed patrons.

Being a part of human resource team, employee interaction has always been prevalent part of my daily work. Interaction with all the departments like marketing, accounts, designing, merchandising have given an indepth picture of the cultural paranoma, existing in the whole sphere of Manohar Lal Jewellers.

Gaining practical exposure in such a wide industry is really insightful. Being a part of a customer focused and employee driven culture of Manohar Lal Jewellers, is indeed a priceless experience.